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    for VinoDrop Subscription purchases only.
    for VinoDrop Subscription purchases only.
  • Ability to customize wines to fit your taste.
  • Choose shipment frequency.
  • Discover new wines.
  • Access to new wine releases.
  • Convenience of regularly scheduled wine shipments.

We require a minimum of one shipment when you join our wine subscription.

Check out our Subscription FAQ’s below to learn more.




Enter the required information and choose the frequency of shipments. You will be charged for the wine (+ tax and flat rate shipping) on the date your package ships. First shipment goes out 2 days after sign-up. Please note, VinoDrop Subscription packages will not be available to ship until November 1, 2022.


All subscription packages contain a minimum of 6 bottles. Add or exchange items from a large pool of products. 10% off is automatically applied. We send a 2 week and a 2 day reminder email so you can make adjustments to your shipment.

The system learns your preferences over time and curates packages to fit your unique taste.


The convenience of regularly scheduled wine shipments. Set it and forget it. Enjoy an additional 10% off all wines purchased from the selection of items in the subscription.

To not incur fees, Fast Track Wine Club members must complete their one year contract membership before joining.



Can I customize the wines in my subscription shipments?2022-10-14T12:25:13-04:00

Yes! You can exchange and add wines to your package. All subscription packages require a minimum of 6 items. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you two weeks and another at two days before each shipment with a deadline date for any changes you would like to make.

Is there a minimum number of wines in the subscription packages?2022-10-14T12:26:34-04:00

Yes, all packages require a minimum of 6 items. You can exchange and/or add items to the package. There is no maximum for the amount of wine that can be purchased through your VinoDrop Subscription.

When can I expect my first wine shipment?2022-10-31T16:52:05-04:00

Your first wine shipment goes out 2 days after sign up. The date of each subsequent shipment depends on your chosen shipment frequency (default is a 2 month frequency).

What happens if you have the wrong shipping address or I am not able to sign for it?2022-10-14T12:20:44-04:00

Please contact Childress Vineyards at (336) 236-9463, if your address is incorrect.

We recommend setting up an account with UPS for enhanced tracking and delivery options. UPS will make up to three delivery attempts, excluding weekends and holidays. Please note there will be a $15 fee for any packages returned to us.

Can I pick up my wines?2022-10-14T12:29:30-04:00

No, all subscription packages are shipped. VinoDrop Subscription is an online and ship only service.

When do you charge my card?2022-10-14T12:22:13-04:00

When your account is created, we take a credit card authorization to hold your wines. Your card is charged when the subscription package is processed. If your card declines for a shipment we will reach out to you via email to update your account. You can update your credit card by logging in to your Childress Vineyards account.

Do subscription members get benefits when visiting the winery?2022-10-14T12:28:13-04:00

No, all Subscription benefits can be found within the subscription itself. For instance an additional 10% off wine and flat rate shipping for all items purchased through the VinoBox Subscription.

Why should I sign up for a wine subscription?2022-10-14T12:19:32-04:00
  • AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF WINES for VinoDrop Subscription purchases only.
    • This discount is in addition to the 10% off half case (6 bottles) and 15% off case (12 bottles) purchases.
  • $20 FLAT RATE SHIPPING for VinoDrop Subscription purchases only.
  • Ability to customize wines to fit your taste.
  • Choose shipment frequency.
  • Discover new wines.
  • Access to new wine releases.
  • Convenience of regularly scheduled wine shipments.
Can I edit the shipment frequency after signup?2022-10-14T12:15:11-04:00

Yes, after signup you will be able to edit the Subscription’s frequency in your account. You will be able to choose between any options that have been added in the Subscription.

However, please keep in mind if a Frequency is set to 3 months and it is changed to 2 months, your next shipment date will not update. It will only update the time between shipments after. 

For example:

  • A subscription member signs up on December 3rd with a 3 month frequency
  • Their first shipment will be scheduled to process on December 5th and the next shipment will be scheduled on the 5th of March
  • If the frequency is changed to 1 month that will be reflected after March 5th

If you want to edit the your next shipment date please contact Childress Vineyards by calling (336) 236-9463.


Can I cancel my membership or skip shipments?2022-10-14T12:53:16-04:00

Yes, A VinoDrop subscriber can select ‘Skip this Shipment’ or ‘Cancel Club’ when a club shipment is created. Additionally, a subscriber can select ‘Put your club on hold’ or ‘Cancel club’ between shipments if they don’t currently have a package built. 

What are the shipment frequency options?2022-10-14T12:53:08-04:00

Every Month (12 shipments per year)
Every 2 Months (6 shipments per year)(Default)
Every 3 Months (4 shipments per year)
Every 6 Months (2 shipments per year)

What wines can I choose from?2022-10-14T12:53:24-04:00

A preselected pool of wines that is curated to meet the needs of both sweet and dry drinkers. Subscribers have the ability to customize wines to fit their taste. At any given time there will be at least 15 options for subscribers to choose from.

You must be 21 years of age or old to be a members of Childress Vineyards VinoDrop Subscription. Void where prohibited by state or local law.

At this time The VinoDrop Subscription can accept subscribers only from the states to which North Carolina can legally ship wine: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, LA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NE, NH, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV and WY.  A permit is needed in order to ship to the following states: AL and MT.

If you do not see your state listed, or if you need more information, please call 336-236-9463 or send an email to info@childressvineyards.com.

By signing up to be a VinoDrop subscriber, you agree to receive promotional messages sent via autodialer, and this agreement isn’t a condition of a purchase. Msg & Data rates may apply. To unsubscribe, text STOP to 888-858-1428.
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