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Victory Cuvée

Childress Vineyards sparkling wine is called blanc de blancs – literally, “white (wine) from white (grapes).” This Chardonnay-based Brut sparkling wine is made in the traditional French methode champenoise manner of production. This method involves secondary fermentation, riddling, disgorging and dosage all in the same bottle.  It is a tedious, expensive, time-honored way to produce the very best sparkling wines.  Our Blanc de Blancs is rich with Bartlett pear and Granny Smith apple flavors.

Food Pairing

Victory Cuvée complements caviar, lobster and oysters wonderfully. Chicken with light butter or egg dishes are a natural pairings. You can also just forget the food and enjoy the bubbly goodness!

Technical Specifications

Varietal Content 100% Chardonnay

Alcohol 12%

Residual Sugar 1%

Time on Yeast 12-18 months


Victory Cuvée

Finish Line

Port-style, Cabernet Sauvignon dessert wine with hints of dark chocolate covered cherries and raisins. Strong coffee notes with a long finish.


Cap your evening or finish your meal with Finish Line. Pair it with a stilton cheese or serve it with your favorite chocolate dessert. 


Varietal Content 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Appellation North Carolina

Alcohol 17.9%

Residual Sugar 10.3%


Gold – Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition 2014

Gold – North Carolina State Fair Wine Competition 2014


Finish Line


A strong, rich dessert wine made from delicious North Carolina rabbiteye blueberries.  The wine is fortified with brandy to retain some of the fruit’s sweetness. Complex and filled with antioxidant, Starbound is a unique wine worth experiencing.


Versatile pairing options include chocolate, blue cheese or figs. 

Technical Specifications

Varietal Content  100% Rabbiteye Blueberries

Appellation  North Carolina

Alcohol 17.7% 

Residual Sugar  13.7%


Gold – Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition 2014 

Bronze – North Carolina State Fair Wine Competition 2014


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